The Hotel Gardenia al Lago is a cosy 3-star hotel in Villa, a romantic little village administered by Gargnano, the largest and most distinctive municipality on the “Lemon Riviera”. It stands, proud and elegant, with its Mitteleuropean architecture, right on the shores of Lake Garda, with the mountain peaks of the Parco Alto Garda Bresciano nature reserve as its backdrop.

The waters of the lake lap the edges of the magnificent garden and surround the panoramic lookout point in the dining room, and on the opposite shore stands the majestic Monte Baldo mountain range, which generously lays on the most unforgettable displays of light and colour at both sunrise and sunset.



Via Colletta, 53 25084 Villa di Gargnano (BS)
Lake Garda - Italy
tel +39 0365 71195 - fax +39 0365 72594
P. IVA 02102530983
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