Through the large windows of the Rivalago Restaurant, at sunset, the gaze sweeps dreamily over Lake Garda and the Mount Baldo chain, with their respective range of soft colour shades. In the restaurant of Hotel Gardenia al Lago, Chef Igor Trivella’s cuisine pamper the guests with some culinary treats, inspired by the traditional local cuisine and enhanced by the excellent quality of local products such as citrus fruits, capers and extra-virgin olive oil produced directly by the owners. Candlelit dinners are served either inside a veranda with a superb view of the lake or on a summer terrace opening on the banks of the lake, an idyllic spot shaded by olive trees and laurels.
The historic stone cellar offers a selection of excellent wines from local and national producers, and, every week, it hosts wine-tasting events for unforgettable taste experiences. The majority of the wines that you will find in our list are produced by small growers who, with passion and courage, have chosen not to opt for standard international varieties, preferring instead with great perseverance to promote the autochthonous vine species of their regions. A commitment that is yet another small step toward a way of life that is more sustainable and respectful of the traditions and heritage of our country.
Closing day: Wednesday. On the other days our restaurant is open from 12.00 to 14.00 and from 19.00 to 21.30 hours.

Lunch - Extra: Pasta, Grill & Snacks (from 12 pm to 2 pm)

  Parma ham and melon  

                                  Air dried beef with rocket and Grana Padano cheese

Caprese with mozzarella bufala

         Homemade maccheroncini (pasta) with green broccoli and Lake Garda sardines

Pennette (pasta) with tomato sauce and red hot pepper 

Spaghetti with garlic, oil and red paprika

Grilled “fario” trout with Gargnano capers sauce

Entrecôte di manzo alla griglia con burro aromatico

Club sandwich

Toast with ham and cheese




Mixed dish of fresh water fishes

Pike and char fish salad with capers, taggiasche olives, confit tomatoes and mixed salad

Dill marinated trout carpaccio with garlic bread and local citrus fruits emulsion

Octopus, prawns and potato pie with lake Garda capers and valerian salad

Salted beef carpaccio with Garda Stagionato cheese shavings and balsamic vinegar flavoured belgian endive

Vegeterian vol-au-vent with cornmeal mush and Porcini mushrooms

First Courses

Homemade tortelloni filled with pike fish with cherry tomatoes velvet sauce and Gargnano capers

Orecchiette (pasta) with Lake Fish, taggiasche olives and cherry tomatoes

Homemade potato and thyme gnocchi with prawns, scampi and Gargnano lemon

Spaghetti with seafood

Seasonal vegetables and mozzarella di bufala  filled crepes

Wholemeal  Mezze penne (pasta) with Tropea onions, smoked bacon and Pecorino cheese

Soup of the day


Second Courses

Lake Garda lavaret „au gratin“ with sesame

Grilled Lake Garda lavaret

Gardesana style“ char fish fillet, with „Lugana“ white wine

Fish and vegetables fry

Gilthead fillets „au gratin“ with aromatic breading

Beef fillet with green pepper

Grilled beef fillet with Bearnaise sauce

Grilled beef staek with Porcini mushrooms

Rack of Lamb with an aromatic herbs and breadcrumbs crust



Gardenia al lago Salad

Nizzarda Salad

Mixed salad with mozzarella cheese and tuna fish

Chicken salad with cheese

Grilled vegetables



Chocolate pie with vanilla sauce

White chocolate Bavarian cream with raspberry coulis

Gargnano citrus fruits semi-frozen Parfait with strawberry sauce

Orange and cinnamon Crème brulée

Cheeseboard with homemade jams

Ice cream