Bar Service

When you want to relax, between 8.00 A.M. and 11.30 P.M., there is a bar service in our lounges, terraces and in the garden. However, please remember that last orders are at 11 P.M., and at 11.30 P.M. please vacate all communal areas.

Cellar & Wine Shop

The historic stone Cellar offers an excellent selection of wines, most of them produced by small growers, and, every week, it hosts Wine-tasting events for unforgettable taste experiences.

All the wines are also present on the Resturant wine list and are available to take away: after your stay, here you can find a special present for yourself or for your best friends.

Listening and reading room

In the listening and reading room, many guests are happy to meet the atmosphere that usually they can find at home. The piano, built at the beginning of '900 by the atelier of the family Arosio is at their disposal to make pleasurable the moments with swite notes under the impassible sight of busts of Verdi, Wagner and Beethoven.

The little library gives a chance to the guests to read books about the history and the nature of the place as to read some romances in different languages to pass a moment absorbed into the reading.

The Garden

The broad garden with its lush olive trees, palms and Mediterranean vegetation is the ideal place to relax, wrapped in a triumph of flowers, radiance and silence.


The Terrace

A splendid terrace with a view of both the lake and the surrounding mountains offers you a place to spend tranquil hours relaxing, cradled by the music of the lapping waves.